My BC/DC’s

I saw this photo earlier this weekend and it made me realize how normal my own body is compared to other women and i then reflected on how long I have hated my body. My least favorite part has always been my breasts. They do not fit in any cups as one is a B/C and the other a C/D, which makes wearing most bras extremely uncomfortable. Because of their odd size I often had guys tease me about them after I became sexually active.

Comments such as, “no offense, but your beasts are sort of saggy,” “they weird me out,” “your tits look great in shirts and then they just disappear,” “one day we’ll get you a boob job” were not uncommon for me to hear. That certainly did not help my self confidence, that is for certain.

I find even now I am often intimate with my husband with a shirt on because he is not particularly attracted to them (but he also says I look cute in little shirts), and I’ve accepted that and it does not bother me anymore. But the thing is, they are mine, they developed on my body at the determination of my genes, my food and exercise choices throughout the years, the stretch marks from my pregnancies, which really are only on my belly as my breasts did not get exceptionally large either pregnancy and I only gained my recommended 20-25 pounds, and all of the other little imperfections that show how I’ve lived my life are still just a part of me.

My breasts and other body parts do not have to be perfect for me to be loved, respected, trusted, loyal, a friend, a listener, a confident. People are going to like or dislike me, but there is nothing I can do about their opinion of me, if I am being my best me. I’m tired of being ashamed of my body, and letting others opinions influence how I feel about myself. My breasts may look a little funny, I may not like the way they look in pictures, even with a bra on, and one day I may get a breast augmentation, but if I do, it will be because I want it, and for no other reason. Until then I’m going to continue to rock my BC/DC’s and stop hiding them behind baggy clothes, because no matter what my brain tells my reflection, I now know I am beautiful inside and out.


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